Monday, 2 August 2010

'Get 'im, Bozo!'

For you! Some doodles, speedpaints, and an animated gif.



Ben Newman said...

ha, I knew you'd done an update; you only ever comment on my blog when you've got something new up!
Fishing for compliments eh? well, I'll oblige, fantastic stuff as usual! The "bloop" one really stands out, lovely colour transitions and foreground to background variations in that one. Are you coming to sketchys in a couple of weeks? hopefully see you there.

poppylocke said...

aw, so cool! Love the one with the creature drinking the water.. and the happy nom-nom face

Dan D. Evans said...

Clown fight! Clown fight!!!

Lovely job Mr Mya, but I think I've seen a few of them before ;)

You are still way beating my very poor "1 picture blog" record though!

Jeff G said...

Great work on this blog, but I'm particularly into you chewing GIF at the moment. Thanks!

Jeffrey Lai said...

some really beautiful work you have here!

karlsimon said...

Hello Maya. I found you. You can not hide anywere on ze internet. Nice pictures you have there. Good to see you are still painting and getting better!